About us

PPH KILIAN is a family business founded in 1979, specialising in the manufacture of knitted fabrics.

From its very inception, the company was determined to meet the needs of its Customers. The owner’s passion of creating the perfect knitted fabrics, with the best possible qualities and parameters, has become the mission of the entire team. This approach resulted in the constant expansion of the company’s machine fleet and the range of manufactured knitted fabrics.

PPH KILIAN’s offices and trading department are currently located in the city of Łódź, while the manufacturing plant is situated in the town of Koluszki and produces various knitted fabrics using more than 45 specially selected circular knitting machines.

KILIAN’s flagship product is polar fleece, sold in various grammages and finishes, as well as polar fleece trilaminate with membranes, also known as softshell. We also offer high-quality viscose and cotton fabrics, in particular singles, quilts and sweat cotton in many varieties.

Our fabrics will let you do ANYTHING!!

The versality of our machinery fleet allows our company to manufacture a wide array of knitted fabrics with varied grammages, weaves and finishes.


Any questions? Call us at+48 42 679 12 15 or send an email to kilian@kilian.pl

Our aim is to deliver products made of the highest quality materials and manufactured using the latest technologies. Thanks to meticulous control of each stage of production we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

We collaborate on an ongoing basis with the Textile Research Institute and MORATEX, an accredited research laboratory.

We co-operate on regular basis with over 100 companies from Poland and abroad. We produce more than 1 milion m of fabrics annually.

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