Functional knitted fabrics – technological advanced fabrics

Materials for special applications – these are the words that best describe functional knitted fabrics. They are produced using the most modern processing technologies and carefully selected synthetic yarns. Thanks to this, they gain special properties – e.g. flame-retardant, antistatic, antiseptic, etc.

Kilian’s offer includes functional knitted fabrics produced according to our proprietary techniques and innovative knitting solutions. We offer materials intended primarily for the production of work clothes for various professional groups. And if you deal with dyeing functional knitted fabrics, you will surely be interested in our range of THIES dyeing machine filters.

Innovative functional knitted fabrics at competitive prices

Buy highly specialized knitted fabrics made of Nomex, Kevlar and other high-tech fibers.

Functional knitted fabrics – most of all practical

Functional knitted fabrics are a special type of fabric with specific functions. They are made of technologically advanced yarns with specific properties.

  • Functional knitted fabrics are produced primarily for their task to be performed.
  • They are perfect for the production of highly specialized work clothes – including for example clothing for firefighters
  • Functional knitted fabrics available in our offer are made of yarn from the best producers.
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Functional knitted fabrics – work and sport clothing

>Whenever clothing is given a specific purpose, you should take care of the appropriate parameters of the material from which it is made. Our offer includes functional knitted fabrics ideal for the production of:

  • flame-retardant clothes and accessories (e.g. balaclavas) ideal for firefighters,
  • sport clothing – airy, quick-drying, etc.
  • work clothing – dedicated to various professional groups, incl. paramedics or road services,

Functional knitted fabrics from modern fibres

Functional knitted fabrics are made of modern, laboratory-developed yarns (e.g. aramids such as Kevlar or Nomex). Their chemical structure determines certain properties. Our offer includes, among others:

  • flame-retardant functional knitted fabrics,
  • HI-VIS knitted fabrics certified by the EN – ISO 20471 standard,
  • knitted fabrics that meet antistatic standards,
  • knitted fabrics made of Kevlar, Nomex, aramids from the best producers.
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Available in many colours

We offer functional knitted fabrics that differ not only in use, but also in colours.

Extremely durable

Thanks to the use of fibres from the world’s best producers, functional knitted fabrics are not only reliable, but also durable.

Reliably and on time

Reliable and production on time is our hallmark. Trust Kilian and gain a reliable business partner.

Meeting strict standards

In our offer you will find anti-electrostatic fabrics in accordance with Polish and European standards, HI-VIS fabrics in accordance with EN – ISO 20471, etc.

Parameters matched to the application

We offer various types of functional knitted fabrics that differ not only in purpose, but also, for example, in terms of weights.

Production experience

The guarantee of matching the ordered functional knitted fabric to your needs and requirements!

The minimum order from Kilian is just one bale of fabrics. This also applies to functional knitted fabrics, and some of them are available immediately. In case of special orders (specific colour, parameters), the production minimum is 3 bales of fabrics.

The order delivery time depends on the availability of the fabrics. If it’s available in stock, you can get it right away. For other knit fabrics, we set individual dates – thanks to on-site production, in our own machine park, we are able to deliver any orders in a short time.

If you are interested in buying functional knitted fabrics from Kilian, you can order free samples. Contact us and tell us what you need, and we will send you the appropriate fabrics with a price list. If you want, after the initial evaluation of our products, you can also order larger samplers (for a fee) for testing.

We use one of three delivery methods, depending on the size and destination of your order:

  • for orders from Łódź and its neighbourhood, knit fabrics can be delivered using KILIAN’s own transport, according to individual arrangements,
  • other orders to Poland are delivered by DPD (at the customer’s expense),
  • larger orders are delivered via external transport (EXW) arranged by the customer.

The Kilian company also offers assistance in organizing external transport (helps to choose the company).