Viscose knitted fabrics – to produce high quality clothing

Extremely popular viscose knitted fabrics are perfect for the production of elegant and comfortable clothing. Viscose is a material of plant origin and therefore airy. At the same time it fits very well and is comfortable to use.

Kilian viscose knitted fabrics are made with the greatest care of carefully selected yarns. It’s possible to produce fabrics with any parameters and colour, according to the customer’s guidelines. Contact us to get more information.

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Viscose from a Polish producer at attractive prices
High-quality, Polish viscose, perfect for the production of sophisticated clothing? It doesn’t have to be expensive – check out Kilian’s offer.

Elegant and practical viscose from the producer

Both clothing producers and buyers like the versatile viscose. Its properties make it very pleasant to use.

  • Viscose knitted fabrics are made of cellulose – plant fibres. As a result, they are light, skin-friendly and don’t cause allergies. Viscose perfectly absorbs moisture and is airy – therefore it’s ideal for the production of summer clothes.
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Viscose – a material with many applications

Thanks to the use of many types of yarn, viscose knitted fabrics can have different properties, therefore it’s suitable for the production of:

  • dresses and skirts – both casual, cocktail and evening,
  • blouses, tops, bodysuits, shirts of various textures and thicknesses,
  • delicate, light outer garments – sweaters, cardigans,
  • clothing and home accessories.

Viscose knitted fabrics – properties matched to the application

Viscose knitted fabrics – properties depending on the processing method the viscose yarn, fabrics with different properties is obtained. That’s why is so widely used in the clothing industry. Our offer includes, among others:

  • smooth viscose – wide selection of colours, with the possibility of producing any colour,
  • thin viscose knitted fabrics with the so-called ‘cold grip’ made of OE (open-end) yarn – perfect for spring and summer clothing,
  • thicker classic viscose – perfect for cardigans, skirts and dresses,
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Viscose of any colour

Working with Kilian, you don’t have to think of any limits – we will produce viscose in any colour for you.

Durable and practical

Carefully selected production methods make our viscose fabrics very durable and practical.

Successful cooperation

If you need regular, on-time deliveries then you don’t need to look for it any longer. We will help you ensure the production continuity.

With OEKO-TEX® certificate

Sew with excellent viscose fabrics from a Polish producer. Additionally, our viscose can be OEKO-TEX® certified!

Any weight

Adjust the basis weight of the fabrics to the application – at Kilian you can order a viscose knitted fabric of any parameters.

Refined technologies

Modern machinery and several decades of experience mean that we provide extremely refined products.

The minimum order for Kilian viscose fabrics is one bale. You can order any colour, you wish – in such case the production minimum is 3.

The order fulfillment time will depend on the availability of the fabrics and the size of the order. If it’s currently in stock, you can get it immediately. We produce knitted fabrics in our own machine park, so we are able to prepare any order in a short time.

If you’re interested in receiving samples – please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with free samples along with the price list. It’s also possible to obtain samplers containing approx. 1-2 m of selected fabrics – for a fee. Show us your expectations and we’ll be happy to send you recommended fabrics from our offer.

Kilian offers 3 main delivery methods. Orders in Poland are mostly delivered by DPD courier (shipping cost is on the customer’s side). Customers from Łódź and the neighbourhood receive their orders without other companies involved – we deliver them via our own transport, according to individual arrangements. The delivery of larger orders is carried out on the basis of external transport (EXW) – to be arranged by the customer. Kilian can help you choose the right company.