Softshell – fabrics suitable for all weather conditions

Softshell is a real hit when it comes to outdoor, tourist and sport textiles. At Kilian, it is available in several versions to suit many uses.

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High quality economical softshell

High quality and affordable price can go hand in hand – just choose Kilian softshell fabrics.

Softshell in many versions – answer to your needs

Kilian offers softshell fabrics in many variants. This waterproof, heat-insulating and vapor-permeable fabrics can be adapted to the different needs of the manufacturer and the use. Choose softshell fabrics for you:

  • with increased flexibility (stretchshell),
  • extremely low weights (lightshell),
  • layered – with fleece for even better thermal insulation
  • in HI-VIS colours – with increased visibility.
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A wide range of softshell knitted fabrics

Softshell is a type of windproof, waterproof and at the same time airy laminate that ensures high thermal comfort regardless weather conditions.

Let us know, what you need and order Kilian softshell knitted fabrics:

  • in many weights,
  • in a wide range of colours,
  • with or without fleece lining.

High quality softshell – check Kilian’s offer

Kilian is a recognized knitted fabrics producer and softshell supplier. Our extensive experience allows us to produce high-quality fabrics at great prices. We also know how to care for customers. Work with us to gain:

  • high quality softshell knitted fabrics at great prices,
  • professional support in the field of optimal selection of softshell knitted fabrics for a specific application,
  • deliveries on time,
  • availability of softshell knitted fabrics in a wide range of colours.
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Softshell knitted fabrics – wide possibilities of usage

Outdoor clothing

Thin and thick softshell is perfect for the production of jackets and sweatshirts for all weather conditions.

Sport clothing

Light softshell material (lightshell) is ideal, for example, for the production of airy and waterproof sports clothing.

Winter clothing

Layered softshell lined with fleece provides excellent thermal insulation for cold days.

Summer clothing

Thin and light softshell perfectly protects against wind and rain, even on very warm days – also during activity.

Work clothing

Softshell knitted fabrics, thanks to their functionality and durability, are perfect for the production of work clothing.

HI-VIS clothing

The ability to produce softshell fabrics in HI-VIS colours allows you to produce clothing that ensures high visibility.

The minimum order for Kilian softshell knitted fabrics is one role for fabric available from stock. MOQ for clint’s colours 500 r.m.

The order delivery time depends on the availability of the fabrics. If it’s available in stock, you can get it right away. For other knitted fabrics, we set individual dates.

If you’re interested in receiving samples – please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with free samples along with the price list. It’s also possible to obtain samplers containing approx. 1-2 m of selected fabrics – for a fee. Show us your expectations and we’ll be happy to send you recommended fabrics from our offer.

Kilian offers 3 main delivery methods. Orders in Poland are mostly delivered by DPD courier (shipping cost is on the customer’s side). Customers from Łódź and the neighbourhood receive their orders without other companies involved – we deliver them via our own transport, according to individual arrangements. The delivery of larger orders is carried out on the basis of external transport (EXW) – to be arranged by the customer. Kilian can help you choose the right company.