Polar Fleece Standard

Fleece Standard is fleece knitted fabrics characterised by standard parameters and above-average quality.

It combines the lightness and warmth what makes it a perfect material for sweatshirts, vests, hats, as well as blankets and bedding. Available in various weights.

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Fleece knitted fabrics Standard – versatile use

Are you looking for reliable and versatile fleece knitted fabrics? Check out our offer of products from our Standard line. These are proven parameters and the highest quality, supported by many years of experience of Kilian experts. Our fleece materials are made of the best quality yarn, including yard made of recycled PET bottles, using modern technologies – that is why they are so durable, warm and practical. Polar Fleece Standard also protects against pilling (on the right side).

Check out our Fleece Standard range of fabrics – many of them are available immediately. Are you interested in an unusual colour, weight or other parameters? Contact us!

100% PES
220 g/m2
155 cm
For tracksuits, For print, For blankets, For shoes

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