Polar Fleece ECO

Are you looking for a combination of high quality and economy? Choose Fleece ECO!

Economical production can also result in producing soft and very durable fleece knitted fabrics – these are our fabrics from the Fleece ECO line. Thanks to them, you don’t have to compromise on quality!

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Fleece knitted fabrics ECO – an economical choice for demanding customers
Fleece knitted fabrics ECO is the answer of Kilian company for the producers’ needs. It’s a thick (280 g/m2), pleasant to touch, durable material that insulates well, just like any fleece. The use of modern production techniques allows us to offer a really attractive price for this product. Perfect for the production of sweatshirts and work clothes, as well as, for example, hats for shoes. It’s available in as many as 30 different colours!

Fleece ECO knitted fabrics perfectly fits your needs? Contact us and order now – many products are available immediately!

20.290 ECO
100% PES
280 g/m2
150 cm
For blankets, For tracksuits, For shoes

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