Polar Fleece 354 PRO

Do you need a thick fleece with increased peeling resistance for special tasks? This is the fleece PRO knitted fabrics.

This fleece knitted fabrics is intended for the production of professional clothes with enhanced technical parameters, incl. for different services and sportsmen. It will prove itself in any conditions requiring high thermal protection and durability.

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Fleece knitted fabrics Fleece PRO – for professional use

Made with the utmost care, fleece knitted fabrics Fleece PRO is very warm and soft. The right side is rammed, which gives it an attractive appearance and makes the material appear even thicker. This makes it perfect for professional use and the production of top-quality clothing and accessories. It can be produced in any colour!

Are you interested in fleece knitted fabrics Fleece PRO or in any of our other products? Contact us – we will provide you with the right fabrics quickly and on time!

30.354 PRO
100% PES
350 g/m2
155 cm
For blankets, For tracksuits

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