Polar Fleece 400 PRO Melange

Feece PRO MELANGE is a mutton fleece made of melange yarns.

Mutton fleece knitted fabrics is extremely pleasant to touch, warm and soft, what is additionally emphasized by the use of melange yarn. Polar PRO MELANGE is ideal for insulated shoes, as well as for the production of sweatshirts, thick blankets and outer clothes.

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Fleece knitted fabrics PRO MELANGE – thick and soft fabrics

Fleece knitted fabrics PRO MELANGE is one of the best solutions for producing very warm clothes, such as sweatshirts, jackets or coats. It’s also perfect for insulation – e.g. inside shoes. In addition, it will be suitable for the production of home accessories, such as thick blankets or bedspreads. It’s pleasant to touch and very durable, just like other fleece fabrics produced by Kilian. The interesting texture of the fabrics is also emphasized by its melange colours.

Check on parameters of Fleece PRO MELANGE fabrics and contact us, to make the order – many products are available immediately!

40.400 PRO melange
100% PES
400 g/m2
155 cm
For blankets, For tracksuits

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